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Here at AirDuct Clean, serving Ann Arbor, we perform all types of repairs and maintenance procedures on air conditioning units, heat pumps, mini-split units, ductless units, RTUs and air handlers. When it comes to properly maintaining your residential or commercial air conditioner, you should have maintenance performed in the spring and fall. These service calls are designed to find and fix small problems before they become large problems that are expensive to repair, and regular maintenance can help increase your indoor air quality, extend the useful life of your air conditioner and improve your unit's energy efficiency. When your unit reaches the end of its useful life, our HVAC technicians can recommend the best unit for keeping your home or business cool and comfortable and install it.

Ann Arbor Air Conditioning Services

How our ann arbor air conditioning services work

We serve all of Ann Arbor with our air conditioner, air handler unit, heat pump, mini split unit and RTU repair, replace, maintain and install services. Our HVAC technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in working on all brands, types and sizes of air conditioning units. We can even work on ducted and ductless systems.

One of the best things you can do for your cooling system is to have it professionally maintained. Regular maintenance, when it comes to air conditioners, involves having it inspected before the start of the summer season and after the weather has started to cool. This can help prevent the need for expensive emergency repair services and help extend the useful life of your A/C unit.

If you do find yourself with a failing air conditioner, our HVAC technicians, serving Ann Arbor, can quickly diagnose and repair the problem. If you would rather replace your unit than repair it, our technicians can install your new system.

Why you need air conditioning services in ann arbor

All homeowners and businesses benefit from regular air conditioner maintenance and repair services. Our maintenance services in Ann Arbor are designed to keep your air conditioner, heat pump, mini split unit, RTU or air handler running smoothly all summer by inspecting it and repairing any parts that appear worn or broken. We even refill coolant and change air filters. For maximum benefit, homeowners and businesses should have their A/C units inspected in the fall and spring.

If your unit does malfunction or you notice that it is not operating normally, we offer repair services. Our repair services are designed to identify the parts of the A/C unit that are broken or malfunctioning and replace them in order to restore the proper operation of your air conditioner in a timely manner.

If you are using an air conditioner that is a few years old or one with a lower SEER rating, our HVAC technicians can help you choose a new air conditioning unit with a higher SEER rating that will keep your home or business cool while saving you money on your monthly cooling bills.

By utilizing our air conditioner services, you are helping to keep your A/C unit running all summer long and preventing major breakdowns. You may even notice better air quality. Regular repair and maintenance services can even help you extend the life of your current air conditioner.

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test-iocnVery professional and friendly staff. The two gentlemen that cleaned my air ducts did a walkthrough before starting the job and explained to me the whole process. They were quick and thorough and sent me before and after pictures promptly. Thank you!test-iocn1

Bryan Grzesiek

test-iocnThe men who serviced my air ducts were polite, agreeable, efficient. I found out that my furnace had mold in it, which they removed, and they also cleaned out each vent and removed debris, dust and cat hair that had collected inside. It was a good experience.test-iocn1

Christine Barrera-Dulger

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