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Keeping your Detroit home or business cool and comfortable involves having regular maintenance performed on your air conditioner. We recommend having twice-yearly maintenance performed on all types of A/C units and certain components, including mini-split systems, ductless systems, heat pumps, RTUs and air handlers. By keeping your unit properly maintained, you are helping to keep your repairs to a minimum and extending the useful life of your A/C system. You may even notice a decrease in your energy bills and an improvement in your indoor air quality.

If you do need major repairs or an entirely new system, our HVAC technicians can handle the job. We can perform repairs on all brands and sizes of air conditioning units, and we can install entirely new units in your home or commercial building.

Detroit Air Conditioning Services

How our detroit air conditioning services work

Maintaining and repairing your Detroit air conditioner can help you stay cool all summer long. Our HVAC technicians can maintain, repair, replace and install commercial and residential A/C units, air handlers, heat pumps, mini split units and RTUs. By getting timely maintenance and repair services on your cooling equipment, you are helping to maintain your indoor air quality, remove uncomfortable humidity and keep your home or business cool, even during the hottest days of the summer. If you are concerned about your air conditioner's energy efficiency, our technicians can evaluate it and recommend air conditioners that have higher SEER ratings. Once you choose your new A/C unit, we can quickly install it to restore your indoor air comfort. Depending on your new unit's SEER rating, you may even notice a decrease in your monthly cooling bills.

Why you need air conditioning services in detroit

When you get your A/C unit, heat pump, mini split unit, RTU or air handler unit regularly inspected, maintained and repaired, you are helping extend its useful life. According to the International Association of Home Inspectors, central air conditioners and heat pumps are designed to last seven to 15 years with proper maintenance. RTUs, mini split units and air handlers are also typically designed to last 15 years, depending on weather conditions and how often maintenance is performed.

Here at AirDuct Clean, serving Detroit, we can help you get the most out of your HVAC unit with regular maintenance and timely repair services. The first step to preventing catastrophic breakdowns involves having regular preventative maintenance performed on your air conditioner. This includes changing our the air filter and having it professionally inspected, tested and cleaned. If our HVAC professionals notice any damage to your unit or worn parts, they will replace them in order to help prevent major summer breakdowns.

If you do happen to have a minor or major failure over the summer, we provide timely repair services. Our repair services include determining the cause of your HVAC system's failure and replacing the broken or worn parts so that you can continue to enjoy cool and comfortable indoor temperatures. If you have had your unit for several years or wish to take advantage of the higher SEER ratings on the new air conditioning systems, we can help you choose the right brand and size for your home or business.


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Why Do You Need Detroit Air Conditioning?

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