Detroit Air Duct Sealing

When the air ducts in your Detroit home or business leak, they cause a loss of heated or cooled air, and they allow outside air into your air ducts. This results in temperature differences between rooms, which can lead to your HVAC system working harder to keep your building at your thermostat setting.

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, central air conditioning units are designed to last between 7 and 15 years when they are properly maintained, and furnaces are designed to last between 15 and 25 years. In order to ensure that your A/C unit and furnace last their entire useful lives, you should include air duct sealing in your regular maintenance. This is because HVAC systems that have leaky ducts work harder and suck in more air pollutants than HVAC systems with properly sealed ducts.  This can cost you additional money in the form of frequent repairs and higher energy bills. You may even need to replace your system before the end of its expected useful life.

Detroit Air Duct Sealing
Air Duct Sealing Detroit
Detroit Air Duct Sealing 2

How detroit air duct sealing works

Locating and repairing large damage in your air duct system is fairly simple. The problem occurs when trying to seal the numerous small and hard to locate gaps and holes caused by corrosion or imperfect construction that leaves gaps in your duct work joints or between your registers and walls. All those small imperfections can lead to a big hit in your energy bill as your conditioned air seeps into your walls, attic, and other areas. Homes, on average, lose between 30 and 40 percent due to duct leakage. You can put an end to all that waste by using Airduct Clean’s air sealing process that employs Aeroseal’s patented duct sealing technology.

The AIRDUCT CLEAN Aeroseal process:

  • Pressurize your air duct system to test for leaks
    • Plug all vents and registers in your duct work
    • Raise the air pressure in your duct system
    • View any reduction in the air pressure. The lowering of pressure is caused by the leaks in your air duct system.
  • Disperse Aeroseal UL tested and approved, non-toxic sealant into your air duct system
    • The spraying of Aeroseal into your duct work is monitored and controlled by computer so that you can see the results of the sealing process in real time.
    • The aerosol polymer seals the gaps and holes by adhering to the edges of the holes in your duct system. The entire procedure only requires about 1 to 2 oz. of sealant and can fix holes up to 5/8ths of an inch.
  • See the results
    • After Aeroseal process is completed, your technician will provide you with a computer printout that outlines your results, so you can see the reduction in your air duct leakage.

Why Aeroseal is right for you?

  • The Aeroseal aerosol material is created from the same materials as bubblegum and pacifiers, a water-based, green friendly, non-toxic polymer.
  • Repairs holes and breaks in your duct work 5/8 of an inch and smaller*
  • Aeroseal is one of the top three means of saving energy, listed by the EPA
  • An average job takes only 6 hours
  • You can feel confident in your investment with the AIRDUCT CLEAN Aeroseal 10-year warranty
  • With Aeroseal, you can expect a reduction in your duct system leakage by 80 to 99%
  • Expect an increase in your heating and cooling capacity by 20 to 40%.
  • Start to see a return on your duct sealing investment in as little as 2 to 5 years.

*  Aeroseal does not work on concrete as it cannot adhere to the surface. Aeroseal is only used to seal holes in your ductwork, nowhere else.

Why you need air duct sealing in detroit

Your air ducts help transfer heated and cooled air throughout your home and business. When your ducts are damaged or loose, they cannot effectively send the climate controlled air through your registers. This may cause some rooms to be dramatically colder or hotter than others. Temperature differences happen because as your climate controlled air passes through your ducts and encounters holes and gaps, some of it is released outside while outdoor air is allowed to infiltrate your ducts. This lowers your HVAC system's ability to heat and cool your home or business and can result in your system running longer than normal, which will increase your heating and cooling bills.

The influx of outdoor air can also increase your indoor air pollution. Common pollutants in Detroit include ground level ozone, exhaust fumes from cars and pollen, among many other contaminants. If these air pollutants are left to build-up inside your home, you could experience an increase in indoor allergy symptoms and/or asthma attacks if you have asthma. You may even need to clean your HVAC filters more often and spend money on frequent furnace and A/C unit repairs. Thankfully, air duct cleaning in the Motor City can help you increase your HVAC system's efficiency, lower your repair bills and improve your indoor air quality.

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Why Do You Need Detroit Air Duct Sealing?

  • Decrease Heating and Cooling Bills
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Improve Indoor Comfort
  • Reduce Filter Clogs
  • Reduce the Need for Repairs

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