Detroit Dryer Vent Cleaning

Every time you dry a load of laundry, lint is created and blown into your lint screen and through your dryer vent, where some of it collects along the edges and in crevices. Cleaning out your lint screen after every load can help slow down the amount of lint that enters your dryer vent, but it cannot stop it. This means that you will need to have your dryer vent periodically cleaned in order to avoid excessive lint build-up in your dryer vent.

Scheduling a dryer vent cleaning service with our certified trained technicians, serving Detroit, will help maintain your dryer's efficiency and longevity while reducing the risk of your dryer overheating and catching on fire. Having your dryer vent cleaned also reduces the amount of humidity and heat in your laundry room.

How detroit dryer vent cleaning works

Protect your home from dryer fires with our dryer vent cleaning service in Detroit. The lint that comes off your clothes and collects in your lint trap and dryer vent is highly flammable and could result in a dryer fire if your dryer were to overheat. To make sure your dryer vent is as clean as possible, our certified trained technicians, here at AirDuct Clean, use effective procedures and equipment to remove this debris such as, air whips, soft bristle high powered scrubbing brushes, and HEPA vacuum extracting methods. When the job calls for it, as with metal ductwork, we can also use studier hard bristle brushes to remove even the stubbornest lint and debris. Our cleaning systems quickly and effectively scrape all the lint from the edges, corners and crevices of your dryer vent. Our vacuums, then, immediately suck the lint from your vent. This results in the inside of your dryer vent looking nearly new and reduces the risk of your dryer catching on fire.

Detroit Dryer Vent Cleaning

Why you need dryer vent cleaning in detroit

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) estimates that 16,800 house fires were caused by washers and dryers in 2010, Of those 16,800 house fires, 92 percent or 15,456 were caused by dryers. Thirty-two percent of those 15,456 dryer fires were caused by the lint in the lint trap or dryer vent catching on fire.

When lint builds up to excessive levels in your lint trap or dryer vent, it obstructs the flow of air from your dryer. Since the heat and moisture have nowhere to go, they build-up in your dryer until they are unwittingly vented through the dryer into your utility room. This results in an increase in the heat and humidity levels in your laundry room and the need to dryer your clothes for an extended period of time.

The combination of drying your clothes longer or running multiple dryer cycles for a single load and excessive heat in your laundry room can cause the lint on your lint screen and in your dryer vent to catch fire, resulting in extensive damage to your home.

Having your dryer vent professionally cleaned will reduce the risk of lint in your dryer vent catching on fire. Professional dryer vent cleaning services also help maintain your dryer and extend its useful life. You could even see a drop in your energy bills because your dryer does not have to run as long to dry your clothes.

Warning signs that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned

  • The durations of your dryer cycle takes considerably longer to dry clothes
  • The dryer temperature raises to a high level and may damage clothes
  • No sound can be heard coming from the exit to your dryer vent.
  • During winter weather you can see no steam coming from the exit of your dryer vent

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Why You Need Detroit Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

  • Improve Drying Efficiency
  • Prevent Dryer Overheating
  • Reduce Humidity in Your Utility Room
  • Reduce the Risk of a Dryer Fire
  • Save Money on Your Energy Bills

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test-iocnThe techs took their time and did a thorough job. My ducts were filthy before, and are very clear now.test-iocn1

Patrick Nailos

test-iocnDon and Kevin were prompt professional and did a thorough job cleaning the ducts in our large home. They also cleaned out the dryer vent for free. Definitely will use them in the future.test-iocn1

Thomas Groom

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