Leaking air ducts can greatly diminish your HVAC system's ability to heat and cool your home. When you turn your air conditioner or furnace on, it draws ambient air into the system from your home, heats or cools the air and pushes it through your air ducts.

When ambient outside air enters into your ducts through gaps and holes, it warms your cooled air in the summer and cools your heated air in the winter, which means your furnace or air conditioner has to work harder to reach your thermostat setting, which can cause your system to wear out faster and increase your energy bills.


In addition to making your HVAC unit less efficient, allowing outside ambient air into your home or business can increase your indoor pollution by allowing allergens and dirt into your ducts where it is then blown throughout your home or commercial building.

How air duct sealing works

Although large holes and breaks in your duct work are relatively easy to find and seal using metal or mesh tape, the dozens of smaller holes that can occur due to corrosion, gaps between duct work joints or registers are much harder to locate and seal. These small holes can add up to a large amount of escaping air. The average home has between 30-40% typical duct leakage. AIRDUCT CLEAN uses a patented breakthrough technology, Aeroseal, to seal all gaps and holes in your duct work.

The AIRDUCT CLEAN Aeroseal process:

  • Pressure test your duct work system
    • Plug all registers in your duct work
    • Apply air pressure to the system
    • Watch for any drop in air pressure. This is indicative of holes and breaks in your duct work system
  • Inject the Aeroseal non-toxic, UL tested and approved, aerosol sealant into your duct work
    • The injection process of the Aeroseal aerosol sealant is computer controlled and monitored so that you can see the effective results of the sealing process in in real time.
    • The aerosol particles begin to collect around the edges of any holes or breaks in your duct work, sealing any holes in your duct work system up to 5/8ths of an inch and only leavs 1-2 oz of residual product outside of the holes being sealed..
  • Review your results
    • You are provided a printout of a computer generated analysis that summarizes the reduction in duct leakage.

Why Aeroseal?

  • Made from a water-based non-toxic green friendly sealant, the same material used in bubblegum and pacifiers
  • Fills Holes in your duct work up to 5/8th of an inch or roughly the size of a quarter*
  • The EPA recommends Aeroseal as one of the top three things to save energy in your home
  • Average jobs take just six to eight hours from start to finish
  • 10-year warranty on product and labor
  • Reduces air duct leaks 80 to 99%
  • Improve overall heating and cooling capacity by 20 and 40%.
  • The national average for return on investment for Aeroseal is 2 to 5 years

Why you need air duct sealing

All homeowners and businesses can benefit from air duct sealing, even if the HVAC unit and air ducts are only a few years old. This is especially true if you have noticed a steady increase in your heating and cooling bills, uneven building temperatures, stuffy rooms and an increase in indoor allergy symptoms.

Your energy bills increase because you are losing part of your heated or cooled air through the gaps and holes in your ducts and allowing outside air into your ducts, which increases the overall temperature of your climate controlled air. This results in your unit operating longer and working harder to cool the same amount of square footage.  When your furnace or air conditioner operates for extended periods of time, it incurs more wear and tear than normal. This can result in the need for more frequent repairs and lead to costly breakdowns of your system.

If you have allergies, leaky air ducts could increase your symptoms. Pollen, dust, dirt and ground level ozone can enter your home or business through the gaps in your ducts, which decreases your indoor air quality, leading to an increase in sinus congestion and allergy symptoms. The particulate matter also floats through your air where it is eventually sucked into your air conditioner or furnace, where it could create filter clogs and reduce the flow of air through your system.

*  Aeroseal will not seal holes in concrete. Aeroseal only seals holes in your duck work, nowhere else.

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Why Do You Need Air Duct Sealing Services?

  • Decrease Heating and Cooling Repairs
  • Increase Your HVAC Unit's Useful Life
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Prevent Uneven Building Temperatures
  • Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

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