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Poor air quality can result in a variety of negative health effects, like an increase in indoor allergy symptoms and breathing difficulties in individuals that have asthma, chronic conditions or other breathing problems. Poor indoor air can also cause headaches, nausea and dizziness. In fact, if you feel poorly while residing in your home or while you are at work then feel better upon going outside, your home or business probably has an indoor air pollution problem.

Common indoor air pollutants include pest excrement, dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses, mold spores and excess moisture or humidity as well as asbestos.  Indoor air may also include carbon monoxide from inefficient heating appliances, lead, fumes and residue from cleaning supplies, pet dander, pollen SMOG, VOCs and radon, according to the American Lung Association.

How air quality services works

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Here at AirDuct Clean, we offer a variety of solutions for your indoor air problems, including energy recovery ventilation, exhaust fans, humidifiers, media filter cleaners and UV lights. Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) is designed to improve airflow in your home or business without drastically increasing your energy bills. The system works by transferring heat along with moisture to incoming colder air in the winter. In the summer, it transfers some of the cold from indoor air to the hot incoming air. This helps keep your indoor air from getting stale.Exhaust fans helps remove moisture and heat from bathrooms and kitchens. UV lights help kill bacteria and mold. Humidifiers help improve humidity levels in homes and businesses, and media filter cleaners help filter dust, pollen, particular matter and pet dander from your indoor air.

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Why you need air quality services

When you chronically inhale unhealthy air, you are increasing your risk of developing certain diseases and illnesses, like asthma and COPD. Certain indoor air pollutants have also been known to cause what are known as severe occupational lung diseases, like pneumoconioses, according to the World Health Organization. Chronic, daily exposure to indoor air pollutants has even been known to cause certain types of short-term and long-term disabilities.

Thankfully, at AirDuct Clean, we can provide you with solutions to clean your indoor air and reduce the health hazards associated with inhaling polluted air on a daily basis. To improve fresh air flow, consider installing an energy recovery system. These symptoms transfer some of the heat or cold to incoming outdoor air, which gives you the fresh air you need without dramatically increasing your heating and cooling bills.

Having working exhaust fans in your kitchen and all your bathrooms helps vent the excess humidity and heat that is cause by taking a shower, cooking and operating your oven. Installing and operating a humidifier in the winter can help increase indoor humidity, which will make the air in your home or business more comfortable.

UV light has been shown to kill bacteria and viruses, which reduces the chances of illness. Hospitals have been using UV lights for air sterilization for years.

Media filter cleaners are large filters that can be installed in virtually any HVAC air return duct. These filters can be purchased to eliminate particulate matter as small as 1 micron without impacting the air flow.

Why You Need Air Quality Services

  • Certain Products Can Kill Viruses and Bacteria
  • Lessen Allergy and Asthma Symptoms
  • Reduce Mold and Moisture Accumulation
  • Removes Dust, Dirt, Particulate Matter and Other Allergens

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test-iocnThey were great -- from scheduling to job completion! From Amy who scheduled the job to Kevin/Tony who came to do the work, they were all very find and professional. They took photos of the air ducts from before and after, which was really helpful. As it turns out, my air ducts were not that dirty to begin with. Just moved to a new home and wanted the peace of mind that the air ducts were clean. Fully satisfied. 🙂test-iocn1

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