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It is estimated that the average home creates 40 pounds of dust each year. Businesses create more or less dust, depending on the type of business. In general, manufacturing companies create more dust than retail and office buildings. As dust is created in your home or business, it floats through the air until it lands on a surface or is sucked into your HVAC unit. The dust, pollen and particulate matter that enters your HVAC unit passes through the filter before it is heated or cooled and forced through your air ducts. Unfortunately, air filters do not catch all the particulate matter. Some of that matter travels through your HVAC unit into your ducts where it is either trapped or recirculated. As time passes, this causes your air ducts to become dirty and decreases your indoor air quality.

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How Ann Arbor air duct cleaning works

Our air duct cleaning service in Ann Arbor is designed to locate and remove all of the filth in your air ducts. Our HVAC technicians employ the use a Rotobrush, which is a special piece of duct cleaning equipment that contains a rotating brush and powerful vacuum system. Our technicians thread the brush and hose through all of your air ducts. The rotating brush scrapes all the dirt and debris from the inside of your air ducts while the vacuum simultaneously removes the debris. Since the rotating cable is located inside the vacuum tube, Rotobrush is safe to use on rigid and flexible duct systems to ensure that your ducts are completely free of particulate matter.

Why you need air duct cleaning in Ann arbor

According to the Allergy Foundation of America, more than 50 million people suffer from nasal allergies and that number is steadily increasing. Common allergy triggers include mold spores, especially toxic black mold, dust mites, pet dander and certain pollens, including weed, grass and tree. When these allergens enter your home or business, they can increase your indoor air pollution. Common symptoms of excessive indoor particulate matter include sinusitis, hay fever and increased congestion. Some people may also experience itchy and watery eyes.

It is estimated that nasal swelling and sinus allergy symptoms cost Americans an estimated 17.5 million dollars in medical costs in 2010, and that severe allergy symptoms caused individuals to miss a combined six million school and work days. Signs that your business or home in Ann Arbor has an indoor air quality problem includes an increase in indoor allergies or feeling sick while you are inside the building, and going outside, often results in an improvement in how you feel.

Thankfully, you can decrease indoor allergies in your workplace and home with regular air duct cleaning services from our HVAC technicians, serving Ann Arbor. When all the filth, dirt and debris are removed from your air ducts, it cannot be recirculated throughout your building where it is inhaled by family members, employees and visitors, and you may even notice an increase in your HVAC unit's efficiency because those particles do not get clogged in your air filter, potentially reducing the airflow into your unit.


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Why Do You Need Ann Arbor Air Duct Cleaning?

  • Decreases the Need for HVAC Repairs
  • Improves HVAC Efficiency
  • Improves Your Air Quality
  • Reduces Indoor Allergy Symptoms
  • It Reduces he Need to Dust and Clean

Client Testimonials

test-iocnThey were fast, efficient and thorough. One thing I wish I'd understood more clearly, if they take off your vents to take before & after pics, they have to cut into the trunk vents. I'd rather not have had them cut, though they patched them afterwards, I didn't know they would have to cut them. I also didn't realize when they took the vents how much the paint near the vents would chip (I have an old house). I should have gone with the option to keep the vents on. That's not the techs' fault though, but it would be good to better know the consequences of both options before proceeding. I'm sure it varies with each house. test-iocn1

Neeraja Aravamudan

test-iocnCustomer service was great, they agreed to use my Groupon even though we had to schedule a month after the expiration date due to my schedule and their work load. On the day of the technicians called me 20 minutes before their arrival, and were very professional and courteous as they cleaned out the air ducts. The whole process was quick and they even had before and after pictures for me to view afterwards.test-iocn1

Liz Banda

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