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Is the air pollution in your home or business contributing to illnesses in your family members or employees? According to OSHA, indoor air pollutants can contribute to sick building syndrome, which is a catch-all term to describe the health symptoms felt by the occupants of the building. Symptoms of sick building syndrome include increased headache frequency, breathing difficulties and an increase in congestion, dizziness and exhaustion.

Thankfully, your indoor air can be cleaned and ventilation can be improved with our indoor air quality services. We offer energy recovery ventilation systems that will improve the amount of fresh air that enters your building without decreasing your energy efficiency. We install kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans, and we install UV lights, humidifiers and media filter cleaners.


How ann arbor air quality services work

When pollutants infiltrate your indoor air, you need quick remediation services. Here at AirDuct Clean, serving Ann Arbor, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to help eliminate indoor air pollutants so that you can breathe clean air. Media filters cleaners help remove pollutants as they enter your HVAC system. Humidifiers help increase the humidity levels in your home or businesses so that you are not inhaling exceptionally dry air. Killing airborne viruses and bacteria can be accomplished with UV lights. Exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms can help vent heat and moisture, and energy recovery ventilation systems are an energy efficient way to increase the amount of fresh air that enters your building.

Why you need air quality services in ann arbor

Homes and businesses have become extremely energy efficient over the last few decades. Advancements in insulation, windows and doors means that less air transfer occurs between your inside air and the outside air. While this is great for keeping your heated or cooled air inside your home or business and decreasing your monthly electric or gas bills, it is not good for airflow and can lead to a build-up of air pollutants in your home or business.

Living and working in Ann Arbor means that you are subjected to ground level ozone, car exhaust fumes and particles as well as pollen and other allergens. As people enter and exit your home and business, this particulate matter floats inside with them where it is circulated through your HVAC system. If the indoor air pollutants are not filtered out of your air, they can make your family members or employee sick and create filter clogs, which can decrease your HVAC system's efficiency.

Air pollution can be successfully removed from your indoor air with media filter cleaners, exhaust fans and UV lights. If you are concerned about inhaling exceptionally dry air, which can aggravate sinus passages, we can install humidifiers. If the air in your home of business is stuffy, we can install an energy recovery ventilation system. This system works by allowing more fresh air into your home or business. As the fresh air is allowed into your home, it passes over another pipe that transfers some of the heat or cold from your indoor air to the incoming outside air, which saves you money on your heating and cooling bills.

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Why Do You Need Ann Arbor Air Quality Services?

  • Dramatically Improve the Freshness of Your Air
  • Improve Home and Business Ventilation
  • Increase HVAC Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce Bacteria and Viruses
  • Reduce Chronic Allergy Symptoms

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