AirDuct Clean has been providing dryer vent cleaning services to the residents of Ann Arbor since 2012. When you have your dryer vent regularly cleaned, you are helping to prevent dryer fires. Lint is a highly flammable substance that builds up in your dryer vent every time you dry a load of clothes. If this lint isn't removed in a timely manner, it can cause your laundry room to feel like a sauna and increase the operating temperature of your dryer, which can lead to the lint in your dryer vent igniting. Here at AirDuct Clean, we recommend having your dryer vent cleaned at regular intervals in order to ensure that your dryer operates efficiently and to prevent dangerous dryer fires that could cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

How ann arbor dryer vent cleaning works

When it comes to ensuring the dryer vents in your Ann Arbor home or commercial business are completely clean, you need a service that does more than simply vacuum your vents. While vacuuming removes the majority of the lint from your lint screen and dryer vent, it does not remove all the lint. This is especially true if you have flexible venting connected to your dryer. Our certified trained technicians use numerous methods to fully clean your dryer vent system, including air whips, soft bristle high power scrubbing brushes, and HEPA vacuum extracting methods. In some instances, when cleaning metal ductwork, hard bristle brushes are employed to maximize the extraction of lint and other debris. We will ensure that your dryer vents are free from any obstruction so that air can flow freely from your dryer.


Why you need dryer vent cleaning in ann arbor

If you own a dryer in Ann Arbor, you need periodic dryer vent cleaning services. Your dryer vent allows excess heat and moisture to exit your dryer and your home. When the vent is clogged due to excess lint, the heat and humidity in your laundry room will increase. You may also notice that your dryer is hot to the touch while it is in operation and your clothes take longer to dry. This can also result in an increase in your utility bills. If your dryer overheats while it has an abundance of lint in the trap and vent, it can cause a fire.

In fact, dryer fires are one of the leading causes of home fires across the United States. According to the 2010 data from the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), dryers were responsible for 15,456 fires. While there are things you can do, including cleaning out your lint filter after every load, removing lint from around the drum and vacuuming excess lint from around your dryer, these precautions do not take the place of regular vent cleaning services.

A professional dryer vent cleaning service from our certified trained technicians, serving Ann Arbor, removes all the lint from your dryer vent, which helps reduce your risk of a dryer fire. It restores proper airflow from your dryer, reduces drying times and decreases the amount of heat and humidity in your laundry room. You may even notice a decrease in your monthly energy bills.

Warning signs that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned

  • Your dryer takes longer to dry clothes
  • Dryer gets overly hot and damages clothes
  • You cannot hear any sound coming from the exit to your dryer vent.
  • During colder weather you can see no steam coming from the exit of your dryer vent

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Why Do You Need Ann Arbor Dryer Vent Cleaning Services?

  • Extends the Useful Life of Your Dryer
  • Helps Prevent Dryer Overheating
  • Improves Drying Efficiency
  • Lowers Your Risk of Experiencing a Dryer Fire
  • Removes all Lint from Your Vent and Lint Screen

Client Testimonials

test-iocnOverall our experience was ok. We are pretty wary of whether or not duct cleaning is necessary or would improve my allergies. We did move into a new construction home and figured that it was worth it as there was most likely going to be some drywall/construction debris in the air ducts. Scheduling an appointment was a breeze. However, the quote I was given was off by 20%, so I was pretty upset that they wanted to charge over $1,000 in total, but they did end up meeting me halfway and we ended up paying 10% more than quoted. The guys that did the cleaning were friendly, professional and seemed to do a great job based on the photos they shared. However, I was disappointed that while they had cleaned the air ducts, they left more dust and debris in the house then there was before they started (around the vents they opened; we have dark wood floors and some dark furniture so it was very obvious). I went around most of the vents to vacuum and had to clean the dust and debris off furniture by the vents. Also not sure the cleaning helped with my allergies. They don't appear to be any better. Air duct cleaning was very expensive and we don't plan on even thinking about doing this again for 10+ years.test-iocn1

Vu Singal

test-iocnJob as described. Air is much cleaner now! Great clean up as well.test-iocn1

Jake Piiparinen

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