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Here at AirDuct Clean, serving Detroit, we are as concerned about your indoor air quality as you are, and with an estimated 15 percent of the adult population of the Motor City suffering from asthma, we all have a reason to be concerned. Indoor air pollutants that can affect your health include mold, pest excrement, dust, asbestos, construction and remodeling materials, lead, pet dander, excess moisture and secondhand smoke among other common and uncommon allergens, according to the American Lung Association.

Thankfully, our HVAC technicians can help you clean and circulate your indoor air, which will reduce indoor allergy symptoms and asthma flare-ups. We do this by offering energy recovery ventilation systems, exhaust fans for kitchens and bathrooms, humidifiers, media filter cleaners and UV lights.

Detroit Air Quality Services

How detroit air quality services work

Our air quality services in Detroit involve determining the types of air cleaning products that you best benefit your home or business and installing those products. UV lights help kill bacteria and viruses in order to reduce your chances of acquiring certain illnesses, like colds or the flu. Media filter cleaners are special filters that have multiple layers. They are able to remove particles as small as 1 micron, and they can be inserted into the return air vent of almost any HVAC unit.

Humidifiers help increase the humidity in your home or commercial building, which improves indoor comfort. Exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens help vent excess heat and moisture, and energy recovery ventilation systems help reduce stagnant and stale air by allowing more fresh air inside.

Why you need air quality services in detroit

When indoor air pollution is measured in homes and businesses, it is often found to be more polluted than the outside air. This is because the particular matter has nowhere to go once it is inside your Detroit building, and each time someone enters or exits, more particles are allowed inside where they continuously circulate through your furnace or air conditioner and air ducts. When this happens, you may experience more sinus congestion or an increase in asthma and allergy symptoms. Some people may also experience an increase in headaches and exhaustion.

In order to improve the quality of your indoor air, the particulate matter must be removed and more fresh air must be allowed inside your home or business. This can be accomplished in several ways. Our HVAC technicians, serving the Motor City, can install media filters, which help remove extremely small air pollutants. They can help you vent excess heat and humidity from your kitchen and bathroom by installing new exhaust fans that can be turned off and on, according to your needs.

Our HVAC technicians can increase the amount of fresh air inside your home or business by installing energy ventilation recovery systems, and we can help you better control your indoor humidity with the installation of one or more humidifiers. If you are worried about bacteria and viruses infiltrating your home or business and making people sick, we can install specially designed UV lights that will kill germs as they float through your indoor air.

Air Quality Services Detroit

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Why Do You Need Detroit Air Quality Services?

  • Eliminates Toxic or Foul Odors
  • Extends the Useful Life of Your A/C Unit and Furnace
  • Improves Heating and Cooling Efficiency
  • Reduces Dust and Filth Inside Homes and Businesses
  • Removes Harmful Indoor Air Pollutants

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