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One of the best things you can do to prevent a fire in your home is to regularly clean out the lint screen in your dryer and have your dryer vent professionally cleaned every few months. When you place your clothes into your dryer, they contain about half a gallon of water. That water mixes with the fabric of your clothes to create lint.

As your dryer dries your clothes that lint floats into and through your lint screen as the dryer vents excess heat and moisture. Some of the lint is captured by your lint screen. The rest of it is deposited in your dryer vent where it continues to build-up until it restricts the airflow of your dryer, resulting in an increased fire risk to your Troy home and excessive heat and humidity in your laundry room. Having your dryer vent professionally cleaned can restore the operation of your dryer and help prevent house fires.

Troy Dryer Vent CleaningHow troy dryer vent cleaning works

Reduce your risk of an accidental dryer fire with our professional dryer vent cleaning services in Troy. We remove lint from commercial and residential dryer vents with our powerful dryer vent cleaning system that uses air whips and soft bristled high power scrubbing brushes to dislodge lint and debris, while our HEPA vacuum extraction sucks it away. In some cases, when you have metal duct work, we employ hard bristle brushes to ensure that lint is removed from every corner and crevice. By the time our certified trained technicians finish cleaning your dryer vent, the inside will look virtually new, and you can rest easy knowing that your house fire risk has been reduced.

Why you need dryer vent cleaning in troy

Part of your dryer vent maintenance should include professional dryer vent cleaning. Most homeowners and business owners who use commercial dryers understand that they need to clean out the lint traps and remove all visible lint from around the dryers after each load, but many forget about the importance of having their dryer vents professionally cleaned.

Dryer fires from excessive lint in the lint trap and dryer vent accounted for 15,456 house fires in 2010, according to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). This makes dryer fires one of the top ten reasons that homes catch on fire each year, and the fire risk is the same regardless of whether you use a gas or electric dryer.

Our team of professional certified trained technicians, serving Troy, can remove all the lint from your dryer vent regardless of its length or where the vent exits. This is because our dryer vent cleaning system is long enough to reach the entire length of your dryer vent whether it is three feet or more than 30 feet in length, and once we are finished, the inside of your vent will be completely free of lint. This will reduce the risk of your dryer overheating, decrease the amount of time it takes you to dry your clothing and give you peace of mind when it comes to operating your dryer.

Warning signs that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned

  • Cloths take a very long time to dry
  • The dryer experiences excessive amounts of heat, potentially damaging clothes
  • You can hear no sound coming from the exit to your dryer vent
  • During colder months, no steam can be seen emitting from the exit to your dryer vent


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Why Do You Need Troy Dryer Vent Cleaning Services?

  • Extend the Useful Life of Your Dryer
  • Prevent Dangerous Dryer Fires
  • Reduce Heat and Humidity Build-up in your Laundry Room
  • Reduce Your Monthly Bills
  • Shorter Drying Times

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