Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

A clean dryer vent will protect your home from fires and other dangerous accidents. Unfortunately, dryers are known for causing fires. These fires can happen for several reasons, however, they are most commonly caused by a lack of ventilation in the vents.

dryer vent extremely dirt with gunk and lint

Don’t Be A Victim Of A Dryer Fire. Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned!

Getting your dryer vents cleaned has many benefits. It can reduce the risk of fire in your home, improve the efficiency of your dryer, save you money on utility bills and preserve your clothing.

Reduce risk of dryer fires

Increase dryer efficiency & lifespan

Reduce your electricity bill

Dry clothes faster

dryer vent that needs to be cleaned

Dryer Lint Cleaning Service

According to the National Fire Protection Association 92% of house fires involved clothes dryers.  Dust, fiber and lint is the leading reason for dryer fires. Having your dryer vents cleaned by experts will provide a variety of benefits to you and your family. It will provide you peace of mind that your home is at less risk of catching on fire. Also, you will experience real savings on your electricity bills each month.


Our expert technicians inspect the complete line from the inside out. They will inform you if any repairs are needed.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools

Along with their skills and techniques, our technicians are equipped with the correct tools for the job. We have specific dryer vent cleaning tools designed for different hose sizes and applications. Our skilled technicians will utilize the tools and their knowledge without damaging the walls of the lines to clean the line completely.  Since dryer vent lines typically live behind the walls of your home, it is important to make sure that they are not damaged during cleaning, as a replacement may be expensive.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

At AirDuct Clean we service many commercial dryer vent customers as well as our residential customers. Currently we service hotels, senior living homes, hair and nail salons, veterinary clinics, pet groomers, spas, fitness centers, apartment communities, specialty clinics, coin laundry facilities and much more. We can accommodate single unit set ups, multi unit setups and stackable set ups. Whether it is a roof top exhaust or exterior side exhaust, gas or electric, AirDuct Clean can thoroughly inspect and clean your commercial dryers.

Commercial Dryers getting vents cleaned


What is the cost?
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We have set dryer vent cleaning prices that depend on the vent location and length.

Will I see what comes out of the vent?
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Yes, we collect it and can show you.

Do you clean commercial dryers?
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Yes we have many regular commercial dryer cleaning accounts.

Do you discount for condo or apartment communities?
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Yes, we offer discounts when communities have all or the majority of the units cleaned together.

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Customer Testimonials

Trusted by the community

Thanks to AIRDUCT CLEAN we were able to rid our home of the toxins that were making our daughter’s allergies worsen. After they came to our home we saw a drastic improvement in her health. We never knew what was lurking in our air ducts were in fact harming our family. We are thankful for AIRDUCT CLEAN's service and will be a loyal customer for life.


Ann Arbor, MI

We started to realize the build up in our air ducts, when we saw how filthy our register was. We were referred to AIRDUCT CLEAN from a friend of ours and are completely satisfied with their work. The crew was very friendly and explained the procedure to us. When we saw what came out of those vents, we were shocked. It is a good feeling to know that our home is clean from all that junk. Thank you AIRDUCT CLEAN!


Plymouth, MI

I just purchased my new home and the previous owners had several pets and they smoked. I knew the ventilation system in our new home was going to be full of pet fur, dust, etc. I called AIRDUCT CLEAN and they were at my house the very next day. They were professional and very reasonably priced. I was very pleased and would recommend them to my friends and family.


Livonia, MI

We have been enlisting in AIRDUCT CLEAN's services for years now and could not be happier. We know that when the team comes out they are going to do a top notch job every time. It is especially important that the air in our home is clean and our air ducts are clear, because we have three small children. We want our home to be a safe environment for them in every aspect. AIRDUCT CLEAN is a great company and we appreciate all they have done for us.


Canton, MI

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