Livonia Dryer Vent Line Repair & Replacement

Damaged or leaking dryer lines, smashed, torn, or outdated materials can be a fire hazard. They can also lead to mold and other issues that cause clogs or debris buildup, increasing the risk of fire. If you need expert dryer vent inspection, repair, or installation from the dryer to the outside line in Livonia, AirDuct Clean can help ensure your safety.

Broken dryer vent hose needing replacement

Our Livonia Dryer Vent Line Repair or Replacement Services We Offer

Your dryer line is crucial for your home's safety. We offer comprehensive dryer line replacement and repair services, including:

Main dryer line repair or replacement

Back of dryer line repair or replacement

Dryer line re-routing

Outside dryer cover replacement

Install birdcage dryer line cover

residential dryer vent line that is repaired

Your Livonia Dryer Vent Repair Experts

In Livonia, we often find that dryer lines need replacing or repairing, especially behind the dryer. Our trained technicians can identify problematic areas during their inspection. Frequently, we discover that dryer lines are improperly installed, either due to the original installation or outdated methods like using duct tape to hold lines together. Sometimes, the ductwork is installed backward, causing restricted airflow. Additionally, lack of proper protection on the outside exhaust line can allow critters, birds, water, or snow to enter the lines.

Our technicians are fully trained, and our trucks are equipped to handle any dryer line repair or replacement needs. We will carefully repair or construct your new line in your home. Once repaired or replaced, you will notice increased airflow and improved dryer efficiency.

Commercial Dryer Vent Line Repair & Replacement

In Livonia, our commercial repair and replacement services focus on thoroughly inspecting the ductwork from the back of the dryer to the outside exhaust. We check for damaged or disconnected lines and, after a complete inspection, we create a plan for the necessary repairs or replacements. Our trucks are fully equipped with the materials and tools needed for any job. Each project is unique, and we are here to help.

Here are some examples of, but not limited to some of the commercial clients we currently service.

  • Hair Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Spas
  • Pet Grooming Salons
  • Fitness Centers
  • Apartment Communities
  • Retirement Homes
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Specially Clinics
  • Coin Laundry Facilities
Commercial dryer vent line that needs repair
Commercial dryer vent lines repaired


How do you determine the cost of a line repair?
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The cost of repairs are not known until the technicians are able to assess what needs to be repaired. Once assessed they will let communicate the cost before any work is started

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Customer Testimonials

Trusted by the community

Thanks to AIRDUCT CLEAN we were able to rid our home of the toxins that were making our daughter’s allergies worsen. After they came to our home we saw a drastic improvement in her health. We never knew what was lurking in our air ducts were in fact harming our family. We are thankful for AIRDUCT CLEAN's service and will be a loyal customer for life.


Ann Arbor, MI

We started to realize the build up in our air ducts, when we saw how filthy our register was. We were referred to AIRDUCT CLEAN from a friend of ours and are completely satisfied with their work. The crew was very friendly and explained the procedure to us. When we saw what came out of those vents, we were shocked. It is a good feeling to know that our home is clean from all that junk. Thank you AIRDUCT CLEAN!


Plymouth, MI

I just purchased my new home and the previous owners had several pets and they smoked. I knew the ventilation system in our new home was going to be full of pet fur, dust, etc. I called AIRDUCT CLEAN and they were at my house the very next day. They were professional and very reasonably priced. I was very pleased and would recommend them to my friends and family.


Livonia, MI

We have been enlisting in AIRDUCT CLEAN's services for years now and could not be happier. We know that when the team comes out they are going to do a top notch job every time. It is especially important that the air in our home is clean and our air ducts are clear, because we have three small children. We want our home to be a safe environment for them in every aspect. AIRDUCT CLEAN is a great company and we appreciate all they have done for us.


Canton, MI

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