dryer vent line repair

Common issues we find:

Often we find that dryer lines need replacing or repairing from behind the dryer. We also, find many other problematic areas through our inspections of your dryer lines. We find that not all dryers lines are installed properly. It could be the installation of the original lines or outdated taping methods such as duct tape holding together lines. The duct work sometimes run backwards causing restricted air flow. We also find that not having the proper protection on the outside exhaust line can lead to critters , birds, and even water or snow getting in the lines.

Repair or Replace services We offer :

  • Main Dryer line replacement
  • Main Dryer line repair
  • Back of Dryer line repair
  • Back or Dryer Replacement
  • Dryer line re-routing
  • Outside Dryer cover replacement
  • Instal birdcage covers

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Why Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services?

  • Clothes Require Less Time to Dry
  • Decrease Laundry Room Humidity Levels
  • Improves Energy Efficiency
  • Improves Dryer Operational Safety
  • Reduces Your Dryer Fire Risk

Client Testimonials

test-iocnThanks Air Duct Clean! You were professional, on time, & were able to fit me in on such short notice. I appreciated that you worked me into your very busy schedule. Also I never realized how much dust and lint had built up in my dryer vent. My family feels safer because of you. I would highly recommend your company to anyone.test-iocn1


test-iocnThe crew was on time. They explained what they were about to do and were very businesslike and cheerful. The before and after pictures were great. No problems at all.test-iocn1

Kari Magill

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